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Spoil Yourself

Let’s de-stigmatize the myth that self care is selfish. Over at ETY, we consider it Self Love. This is our guide to how we are currently spoiling ourselves with simplicity.

XO, The ETY Team

Start Here:

Intentional mornings:

We believe that how you start the day affects the momentum and energy of the day. My go-to ritual is carving out quiet space in the morning to read, journal, and slowly sip a warm drink. When I’m ready to move into the day, I start by writing the top three tasks I want to complete that day and something I’m grateful for. This short but nourishing ritual allows me to enter the day feeling intentional rather than rushed.

Shed the layers of your day:

I’m just going to say the thing that will never be on another self-care blog... I don’t dig baths. They just aren’t my jam. I want to like them, I totally get why they are appealing, and yet… I much prefer a shower. I recently learned of a way to make the shower experience feel as decadent as a bath; shower fizzies. The shower equivalent to a bath bomb,

simply drop it in the shower once the water is running and it’s like being transported into a spa at the end of the day. Steam, scents of eucalyptus and lemon (or whatever you dig) take over the sensory experience and help to energetically shift the day. It’s simple, affordable and feels downright extravagant .

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