virtual workshops

How it works:


  • Once you purchase a workshop you will receive an email with your unique link to access practice anytime you like.

  • Unlike the membership these workshops are yours to keep with no expiration date! 


Yoga Nidra + Yin

Yogic Sleep 

This deeply nourishing practice is literally translated as yogic sleep. In this virtual workshop we will prepare the body with yin yoga poses to seamlessly move into the practice of yoga nidra where all you have to do is follow the cadence of my voice and drift between consciousness. 


Deep Release


Using a tennis ball and a block we will work through tension in the body while cultivating deep breathe to move through the discomfort of releasing both energetic and physical tension. 


Earth, Fire + Air

3 class bundle for the yogi that wants it all 

 Mix and match a fire vinyasa class, a restorative Earth practice and an air inspired slow flow. These mini classes are designed to compliment one another for a nice long class or stand alone of a quick dose of goodness. 


Crown of the head to the tips of your toes

Full Body Restoration

One of my favorite and most requested signature sequences. We move from the head to the toes for full body restoration. Please have a block, bolster, strap and blanket.


Inspired Flow + Meditation

Chakra System 

 Using the Chakra system as our guide we will systematically move through the body in a vinyasa practice. interlaced with meditation to clear away energetic blocks. 

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Fall Retreat

Welcome fall with a retreat from home! 

 This self-guided retreat has all the elements of an in person retreat for you to do on your time, and return to any time you like. Enjoy a 30 minute grounding flow, journal prompts, daily rituals, vision boarding guide, yoga nidra + yin!