virtual wellness retreat

june 19th - june 21st 


summer solstice retreat

Need a little reset before heading back out into the world? Looking to bring some new ways of being into this new way of life? Join me for 2 days of nourishing practices all in the comfort of your own home. 

What to Expect:

  • Invigorating morning vinyasa yoga + meditation

  • Journal prompts to allow for clarity in the summer season

  • Afternoon practices for your downtime

  • Sankalpa setting yoga nidra

  • Ayurvedic practices unique to you

  • Practices designed to carry forward into a season of abundance

  • All practices will be recorded and are yours to keep + utilize any time you like! 

pricing options

$195 for all inclusive weekend of nourishment

 Already an ETY Member enjoy your %10 discount! Need a payment plan? I get it. Split the payment in two. 

 Just want to attend the live yin + yoga nidra? 

Drop-in for $ 25

Saturday June 20th at 7 PM 

retreat why:

​ Summer is the season of abundance and the solstice provides a beautiful space to check in with what you want to create and cultivate in the new season ahead. This year the solstice coincides with our tip toeing back into society and now more than ever it feels important to take pause and to clear out the energy of the previous season that isn't meant to be carried forward. Allowing for space to de-clutter from the inside out.

retreat rhythm:

  • Opening Friday night orientation + gentle practice

  • Saturday morning meditation + vinyasa practice to awaken from the inside out! Followed by journal prompts and personalized ayurvedic exploration 

  • Pre-recorded vision boarding guide to complete on your down time

  • Saturday evening yin + yoga nidra practice 

  • Sunday morning final practice and journal prompts 



  • You will receive a dosha quiz to take before the retreat so that I can provide you with a tool kit of practices designed for your specific constitution

  • You will receive an email a week before the retreat with what to have in order to prepare for our time together

  • You will also receive a snail mail package to aid you in this weekends practices 

  • All of our sessions will be recorded and emailed to you after the retreat to keep and return to whenever you like! 

What is Ayurveda? 

Ayurveda is the sister science of yoga. It is just one of the tools we use to bring our yoga practice off our mat and into embodiment. With an emphasis on total wellness, Ayurveda translated as " knowledge of life", is used to harmonize internal and external well being. 

What is Yoga Nidra? 

Literally translated as yogic sleep, yoga nidra is the space of consciousness between wake and sleep. Studies show  that Yoga Nidra is deeply replenishing to our nervous systems, in fact just one hour of yoga nidra is the same as 4 hours of deep sleep. 

What is a dosha? 

There are three doshas at work in every human being: kapha (earth), pitta (fire) and vata (air). These three doshas work together in each of us is a reflection of our basic nature and determines our physical constitution. We use them as a guide for what to consume ( eat, drink, read, listen to, etc).


As a busy mama and a business owner, I frequently feel overwhelmed.  I have practiced yoga with different teachers, different studios and different countries even. I have been lucky to have found many talented teachers and, yet, Emily’s class is the ONLY type that lets my busy MIND release in sweet surrender. I feel rejuvenated after practicing with her. My whole body is super happy after her classes and my brain is especially grateful. I do not have to try to be mindful then - I just am. Emily is so gifted as a teacher, she makes it effortless.

- Julia, Client