Social Distancing Resources

As promised, here are some resources during the unusual time that we practice social distancing. I will keep updating and adding to this page as we navigate this new landscape together. I love all of the humans and companies below and have experienced first hand the power of their offerings.

Pause Meditation:

The Pause team offers a full schedule of virtual offerings. Drop-in and unlimited classes available, as well as scholarships if money is currently tight.

Emily Robinson:

Emily offers energy healing and psychic sessions. She is currently offering them at a discounted rate to serve our community through this time. You can reach out to her on her website or instagram for inquires: or

Feed Your Intuition:

Paige is a Shaman and offers free live weekly insights on her FB Group for a more intuitive approach to processing all that is going on.

Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris:

Dr. Natasha is a naturopathic physician who specializes in Rapid Transformational Therapy. She has created a free meditation to support you during these difficult times. I would be happy to send you the meditation via email :

Book Club:

Tami Apland and I share an affinity for reading and thought this downtime would be the perfect time to start the book club we've always talked about. It's free and casual. The book this month is Women Who Run with the Wolves. We will discuss the book via zoom on Friday April 17th. If you would like to participate please email me here:


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