Lose Your Shit

I’ve never been good at timelines and dates, but if I were to guess, I would have been about 25 at the time of my Grandpa’s catholic funeral.

When the time came to share a few words about our Grandpa my brother Cameron confidently stood and made his way to the podium. But first you should know; Cameron is charming, well spoken, a great story teller, and never shy. So it came as a surprise to everyone when halfway through he began crying the kind of cry you cant return from, wrapped up his speech and returned to his seat.

Afterwards, I stood in the church waiting for whatever was next, my Father came up to me and said “ Here, hold this.” I dutifully grabbed the box in his hands and went looking for my brothers. Like moths to a lantern we all walked across the room towards each other and stood in silence for what was probably no time at all but felt like forever. At which point I interrupted the silence by announcing “Cameron lost his shit.” We broke into laughter and forever after we have endearingly used that term with one another, the way only siblings can.

It wasn't until I recovered from my laughter that I realized the box I was holding was Grandpa.

All this to tell you that recently my friend Zachary sent me a 53 second youtube video. I watched it four times in the parking lot of Whole Foods, crying, snotting, and laughing from my belly.

I lost my shit.

Once I got myself back together I wondered about this term. Although my brothers and I have never sat down and defined it, we all intuitively knew it wasn't exclusive to sadness and funerals. You could just as easily loose your shit watching a 53 second youtube video. So on this particular day, in the Whole Foods parking lot, it became clear to me that loosing your shit meant that you are expressing the purest form of emotion. Not the tethered emotion you planned on expressing, not what you practiced, or what you think people want, but instead true, raw, undeniable emotion that you weren't expecting. Thats the key element. It’s so raw and unexpected that even you yourself, the one crying, or laughing, or peeing, is surprised.

So just like that, my 2017 New Years Theme was born. I want to loose my shit more times than I can count in this next year. I want it to be the most surprising, genuine and authentic year yet.


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I’ve never been good at timelines and dates, but if I were to guess, I would say that I was about 25 at the time of my Grandpa’s Catholic funeral. When the time came to share a few words about our Gra

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