On average Women apply 168 chemicals to their bodies each day. EEEK ! I couldn't believe this when I read it so I did a deep dive into my own routine and realized I had no idea what I was putting on my body. Even things marketed as organic have super loose guidelines and restrictions which means we have to take a look at actual ingredients and how they are sourced, which can feel overwhelming and like a daunting task. Through this process I found and fell in love with a brand called Primally Pure. When I read the short ingredient list to their products I recognize everything listed. Not only that but the products are extraordinary. For years I tried natural deodorants and fought through the irritated skin, I tried products with high price tags and no results. But now I am completely smitten with Primally Pure. So much so that I have a code to share for 10% off. Just type in ETY10 at checkout to use it.

Okay so my absolute favs:

Geranium Deodorant : Works great, never once has it irritated my skin, lasts forever!

I've heard most people are hooked on the charcoal deodorant and its detoxifying affects, I just love the smell of the geranium one :)

Cleansing Oil : I was resistant to this. I love the way a lathery soap feels. But I was nudged by a friend to try it and I'm never going back. Its like a spa treatment every single night when you drape your warm wash cloth over your face. Plus, it also lasts forever.

Gua Shua : Gua what?? This has become a part of my daily routine, it takes 3 minutes max and has instant results. Gua Shua helps to detoxify the lymphatic system and basically wake up your face!

Blue Tansey : Okay, this is what originally brought me to Primally Pure. I kept hearing all about the Blue Tansey Cream. I noticed a difference in my skin after just one application. In fact, I love this stuff so much I've gifted it to all my family and friends.


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