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live virtual classes


Live stream offerings


6:45 pm Yin

On- Demand Class Descriptions: 

  • ETY signature flow:This flow has the same bones each week with a monthly highlighted pose (think inversions, backbends, etc). Allowing for a deeper dive into our more challenging shapes. 

  • Gentle Yoga : This class incorporates mobility work with deep release. We use a lot of props but they are all things you can find in your home. 

  • Gentle Strength: All of our familiar gentle poses with an element of strength. We take it slow and steady here.

  • Slow Flow + Vinyasa: These classes are more cardiovascular as we connect breath with movement in a moving meditation.

  • Yin: A deep release class in which we hold poses for 3-5 minutes. Super nourishing and restorative. 

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pricing options

$60 Unlimited ETY Monthly Membership

Become an ETY Member for $60/month and enjoy access to all live stream classes, over 100 on-demand classes including specialty classes and a snail mail membership welcome gift.

One month from when you sign up, you'll receive an invoice with the option to renew.

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Price per class:

  • 2 classes per week=$7.5 a class

  • 3 classes per week (most popular)$5 per class 

  • 4 or more classes per week = Less than $3.75 per class 

Drop-In By Donation

Click the button below to pay via PayPal or Venmo me @emilytayloryoga

Scholarships available if funds are tight.

How online classes work:

  • You'll want to download the free Zoom app ahead of time on your phone, computer or tablet.

  • Once you have the Zoom app you can click on the link above that correlates to the class you want to attend; we're using the honors system here so please contribute for the classes you join!

  • Music doesn't translate well through Zoom, but all of my playlists are public on Spotify. Not only will I give you a suggested playlist each class but you will also be muted during our practice, so feel free to set the tone and volume in your personal yoga space.

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As a busy mama and a business owner, I frequently feel overwhelmed.  I have practiced yoga with different teachers, different studios and different countries even. I have been lucky to have found many talented teachers and, yet, Emily’s class is the ONLY type that lets my busy MIND release in sweet surrender. I feel rejuvenated after practicing with her. My whole body is super happy after her classes and my brain is especially grateful. I do not have to try to be mindful then - I just am. Emily is so gifted as a teacher, she makes it effortless.

- Julia, Client

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Members will receive an email 10 minutes prior to class with class access, a suggested playlist, and suggested props. 

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Membership provides community and connectivity across different homes and households.

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Livestream classes offer accountability and a support system while deepening personal and spiritual growth.

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Members receive a sacred space kit to complement the home yoga experience.