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Give the gift

of ETY

Treat your loved ones with the gift of presence.  

My favorite kind of gifting is experiential, from planning a trip to the 7 wonders of Oregon for my love to sending my Mom a beautiful box of the most fragrant floating gardenias. And those of you that have been on retreat with me know that I love designing every part of the experience, no detail too small. So I am thrilled to combine all of my favorite things in a holiday gift for you to share with the yogis in your life. 

The Gift of ETY

Gift Details:

  • 2 week membership to all livestream and on demand classes

  • A 30 minute one on one 

  • Beautifully packaged sacred space kit ~ incense, ety signature crystals, and a jarungjit inhaler.

* bowl in image not included.


How it Works: 

  • Upon purchase choose whether you want the sacred space kit mailed to you or the recipient. It will be packaged beautifully either way. 

  • The gift will include incense, jarungjit inhaler, crystals and instructions on how to activate membership. 

  • Deadline to order is 12/10. All gifts will be mailed out by 12/14. 

  • Limited quantity, available while supplies last. 

  • Membership and one on one must be activated within 3 months.


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