custom yoga events

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Specialty class (Vinyasa, Slow Flow, or Yin themed for your personal event)

Options to include


Yoga Nidra, translated as “yogic Sleep”, is the practice of drifting between the states consciousness of wake and sleep. It is in this state of consciousness that the body and mind are able to fully relax. All you need to do is follow the sound of Emily’s voice as you rest comfortably in a shape of your choosing. This deeply restoring practice is backed with science, research has shown that just one hour of yoga nidra is the equivalent of four hours of our deepest most restful sleep.


This is not about what you want, this is about how you want to FEEL. Emily will guide you through the process of vision boarding with prompts to clarify your personal insight while creating a beautiful board to bring home and place in your view as an inspirational reminder. All supplies will be included.

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The studio is large and equipped with a beautiful practice space as well as a large table to either share refreshments, a meal, or host a meeting. Guests will need to bring there own refreshments but Emily can accommodate private use of this area to complement any event!

I was welcomed with a genuine smile, guided by a calming voice and taught with equal parts skill and spirituality. I knew I had found my yogi.

- Chris, Client

I feel totally blissed out at the end of every session I've had with Emily. I've been doing privates with her in the morning, before work and it has changed my entire state of being and mentality toward the day. Emily is like a ray of sunshine, guiding you through movement, creating space for energy to move and flow. It's the perfect way to start your day!

- Justine, Client