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1 class $12/ 2 Classes $22/ 3 classes $30

(All classes expire in 3 months in which a new winter bundle will be available)

Earth Flow inspired Vinyasa Practice

This grounding flow was designed to help calm the nervous system, while still building heat in the body. Enjoy this 60 minute vinyasa flow.

Strong Vinyasa Practice

Let's warm up from the inside out with this strong vinyasa practice. Expect longer holds and strength building work in this 60 minute practice. 

Gentle Yoga for Upper Body

45 minutes of pure bliss for the upper body. This class is designed to open up neck, chest and shoulders. Practice alone or add on to the end of a vinyasa class. 

Gentle Yoga for Lower Body

Hips, hamstrings, IT band and quadriceps are the focus of this 45 minute practice. Delighting the legs in sweet release.  

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